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Land Clearing San Antonio

Hello! Do you need land cleared? Are you unsure about which service to trust? We here at B&P Clearing understand the trouble one must go through to get a piece of land exactly as it is wanted. We are a professional service located in San Antonio. We do multiple skid steer operations as stated in our services panel, and we are here to help you clear land easily and without any added stressors. We offer a professional and simply-put business that is dedicated to your satisfaction. We are a locally owned small business, but do not let that scare you away. Because we are a small business, we are furthermore familiar with our team. Our employees are all very approachable and they genuinely crave your happiness. Because of this dedication, we will do everything in our power to clear your land exactly how you would like it to look.

Brush/Land Clearing

Natural life is important. Even when clearing the ground, there is always a risk of environmental damage. Not with our business. With the most technologically advanced manner possible, we can clear the land that you request without destroying the entirety of the soil and also while preventing erosion. We are all for saving the Earth and the nature that it bears to us, therefore our practices focus on preserving it. We do this in order to keep the wanted vegetation but destroy the undesirable nature. The vegetation that is kept on the soil will malnourish the ground. If you are interested in this environmentally healthy, quick way of doing things, please turn your attention to the “Land/Brush Clearing” service page, where we describe our methods in-depth. We will try our best there to answer any questions you may have about the practice and the safety of the practice.

Brush Haul Off

Hauling away brush and leaves is most likely an annual event in every home. Whether this is taking away fall leaves or branches that make their way onto the grass in the summer, it is important to clear these things out before they become too overwhelmingly hard to handle. This is where we come in. We haul away debris that prevents your lawn from looking presentable, whether this is after a storm or just casually needed. Whether you worry extensively about your yard looking perfect, most homeowners want their yard to look a certain level of presentable. We will help.

Root Plowing

If invasive, thick brush is left unattended in a lot, it will begin to eat away at the rest of the healthy vegetation residing in the area. This may not seem that dangerous at first, especially when there is not an overwhelming amount of brush, but it can quickly become a problem that needs assistance as soon as possible before the lot becomes unavailable for grazing or any activities. Our root plowing service can assist in taking the roots from the lot, saving it from inevitable demise if it is left. We will plow the thick brush and burn it at a later time.

Driveway Resurfacing/Grading and Back-Filling

Is your driveway riddled with cracks, potholes, divots, and bumps? This can be an extreme inconvenience and can ruin the professionalism of your home. Instead of spending a large sum on getting a whole new driveway, driveway resurfacing costs a good amount less and is a quick yet effective solution. Relating to this, we also offer back-filling and grading which can secure the safety and effectiveness after excavation. If you want your home to look professional while also being safe, please read the service page and contact us and we will do our best to grant your utmost satisfaction with your driveway.


Excavating, digging, and trenching are used to clear and dig land for construction most likely. It is an important first step of doing anything in terms of building on a lot. Hiring an excavator can be tricky, as it is often a gamble to determine the safety and trustworthiness of the people you employ. We assure you that our service will offer you digging done right. We take irrigation issues, unimpressive soil, and a high amount of shade into account while excavating to encourage the growth of lush, soft grass. This is another step to achieving the yard of your dreams.


If there is a lot that needs demolishing, our service is the perfect option. We can destroy entire lots of trees, brush, and other obstacles with professionalism and safety, the safety that is required in order to demolish. It is hard to decide on a demolition service that will take the necessary precautions in order to achieve the exact request of the customer. It is a deed that cannot be taken lightly, and we absolutely understand this fear and concern that the job will be done incorrectly. We will go the extra mile in terms of safety and overall efficiency at a low and manageable cost.


Do you need something moved? Is it too heavy for you or for any of your vehicles to move without a huge problem? We can handle your heavy lifting. We offer a safe loading service that will move your heavy materials in a snap. We understand that your objects can be delicate and meaningful, therefore we are very understanding and courteous during relocation. We also know how to maximize space in a truck so you do not need to worry about getting everything to fit. Our strong, kind professionals will help you with moving anything you need with quickness and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clear an 1-acre lot?

The cost can vary to clear one acre of land with our company. Typically, this service is somewhere located between 1 thousand dollars and 4 thousand dollars. Prices fluctuate with tree density, existing brush, and other obstacles on your property. Our overall goal with starting our company is to clear land for a low cost while also acting accordingly and with kindness toward the buyer. We offer Uprooting and Scraping services that can help with clearing land. 

  1. Uprooting Service: We even do more than just clearing land. We can also uproot the trees that can be bothersome in your backyard and cause too much shade. This is also available for clearing trees for extra building add-ons onto an already constructed site or a whole building itself.
  2. Scraping Service: Scraping can be convenient for flattening land that can be used for construction as well as mining. Our machines, along with our highly trained workers, can scrape and move materials in one go, making the practice very unique in terms of how well it actually works. Scrapers and workers for them are in very high demand, and we are one of the rare businesses that will help you.

What is the best equipment for land clearing?


The best equipment for clearing land are skid steers, mulchers, stump grinders, mowers, Log Jaws, or wheeled carriers. While thinking about how well it works, all of these machines do the job extremely well, but mulchers are most likely the safest option out of all of these for the rest of the wanted nature around.

What is the best tool for clearing brush?


A skid steer is most likely the best option to use here, as it takes the least amount of time and it works very well to get rid of the brush that is too thick to cut through or mow without clogging your mower. You can also use a weed whacker, a shovel, an ax, or a scythe, but none of these do the trick like a skid steer does.

What is the fastest way to build a trench?


The fastest way to dig a trench is by using a compact excavator. The excavator makes a narrow footprint compared to the rest of the choices, making for less space on the worksite needed to dig. There are, of course, alternatives, but when talking about the quickest option, the compact excavator takes the award.

How long does resurfacing a driveway last?

There are many guesses as to how many years this method lasts, but it all varies based on use, temperature, pressure, and many other factors. The common guess is between 8-15 years for concrete resurfacing. They last quite a long time even while put to extreme use and wear from vehicles.

What is the best way to clear overgrown land?


There are many factors to take into consideration while deciding on which method to use on your land, but there is one that stands well above the rest. This is mulching. Mulching preserves the vegetation around the ground that is being cleared while also effectively taking away the brush and debris.

How much weight can a skid steer push?


The skid steer machines can push anywhere from 1,650 to 2,100 pounds. This, of course, depends on the model. Some skid steers, such as the S530, S570, and S590 models, are designed to carry and push the heaviest loads, while others, like the S510 and the S550 excel in backfilling rather than carrying.

Resurfacing a driveway is a great idea.

If done correctly, resurfacing is a great idea, as it can last for many years, and it can even sometimes be as efficient as replacing one. It is also much cheaper and can make the small fixes that are needed instead of jumping straight to just completely replacing it.